Celebrities, Models and Knock Knees! (With Pictures!)

You look down at your own legs and they appear ugly to you, you wonder why you are cursed with knock knees and you think everyone else has perfectly straight legs.

Sound familiar?

What you don’t know are there are many celebrities and models with knock knees and it is an extremely common condition!

In fact most people, especially women, are at least slightly knock kneed and examples of this are everywhere. The natural body shape of a woman is designed for giving birth to children, as such they tend to have wider hips than men. This wide hip structure makes the femur, or leg bone, connect to the hips at an angle. This angle makes the legs get closer, even touching, around the knee area.

This is an extremely common condition that is purely cosmetic in most cases. Women with knock knees often feel bad about themselves or their legs because they appear to be “crooked” but women should be confident and aware that it is natural and many celebrities and models are knock kneed too!

I have compiled a list of celebrities with knock knees and knock kneed models below to show you a bunch of examples that you are not alone and you are beautiful just the way you are.

The beautiful Mariah Carey

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The beautiful Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey Knock Knees

Mariah Carey Knock Knees

Celebrities with knock knees that you might not know about!

The following list of celebrities with knock knees will show you just how common it is and hopefully you will realize that you are perfect they way you are and that you are certainly in good company.

Models and Celebrities are people too, whatever is common in the general population is going to be common among them as well. Except maybe eating only a cracker a day, crash dieting and starving, eating disorders etc… but who are we the regular people to judge!

Mariah Carey is an example of a beautiful celebrity who you may not know is also knock kneed. If you look at how she poses her self, quite often she consciously stands in a way as to minimize the appearance of her knocked knees. She is beautiful and she also has knock knees you are not alone!

Also in these pictures you will notice that quite often if they are caught off guard they are standing naturally and their knock knees are more apparent. Many of these women also are very thin which can minimize the appearance of knock knees.


Katherine Heigl, Hot!

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Katherine Heigl, Hot!

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Katherine Heigl is another beautiful, seemingly perfect celebrity who has knocked knees. In all of her various film and TV roles, you probably never noticed it and you just though she was this “perfect” woman so unlike you.

The reality is she also has knock knees and dresses and poses in such a way as to hide it. In fact, if Katherine Heigl if was overweight, it would be extremely apparent that she was knock kneed, and this is a good example of how losing weight can reduce the appearance of knock knees.

You probably also notice she has some cellulite in this picture! See nobodies perfect in this world, perfection comes from accepting and loving yourself inside and out, while constantly striving to change only what you have control over.

Being overweight can agitate the condition and over a prolonged period of time lead to the worsening of the appearance of knocked knees. I do not however recommend you take the extreme measures that many models and celebrities take to lose weight because to them their appearance is often more important than their health.

If your health is more important that your appearance, it will shine through and you will live a healthy active life style. It is only when neither your health, nor your appearance are important that you are in trouble!

Also keep in mind that along with changing their stances to hide their knock kneed appearance, there are definitely style and clothing tips that minimize the appearance of knock knees that many celebrities and models use.

Katherine Heigl clearly has knocked knees.

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Katherine Heigl clearly has knocked knees.
The Beautiful Jennifer Hudson is knock kneed too!

The Beautiful Jennifer Hudson is knock kneed too!

Lady Gaga with Knock Knees.

Lady Gaga with Knock Knees.

Knocked knees are normal, don’t let them get you down!

Jennifer Hudson is another beautiful woman who has knock knees. Her knock knees have become much less apparent after she has lost such an enormous amount of weight on the weight watchers program.

She shines and comes across as beautiful no matter what.

Much of the time, women with knock knees wonder if they are normal. Women, especially young women, feel so much pressure from society to look perfect and be perfect that they often have a twisted view of themselves.

Confidence is what is attractive in women. A healthy lifestyle and diet matched with intelligence and confidence is what makes a strong attractive woman.

You can be beautiful with knocked knees, bow legs or any other affliction it is about how you carry yourself!

Teen sensation Selena Gomez is taking the world by storm right now, emerging from Disney as one of the hottest singer/entertainers out there. She didn’t let her knock knees stop her, this girl is h-o-t!

There are so many examples of women with knock knees, hopefully you are feeling less and less alone and better about yourself!

Life is too short to worry about something so trivial. Don’t reduce yourself to worrying about such a silly little cosmetic issue.

Another celebrity you may not have known for her knock knees is the infamous Lady Gaga. She has legions of fans and so much publicity all the time for her outrageous outfits nobody even pays attention to her knock knees.

They are just one little facet of what makes Gaga, well… Gaga!

Models with knock knees.

Celebrities aren’t the only ones with knocked knees, there are many models who also have naturally touching knees.

Conventional wisdom has always been that if you are knock kneed you cannot be a model for various reasons, but how come there are so many examples of models with knocked knees on runways everywhere?

Models Genu Valgum is less easily detected normally because of their very low weight.

This low weight can make it harder to see the knocked knees but many of these women would appear severely knock kneed were they overweight.

After all celebrities and models are just people too right?

They just have more money and a perfect appearance that they virtually kill themselves to achieve.


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Gymnast with Knock Knees.

Gymnast with Knock Knees.
Champion swimmer Leisel Jones

Champion swimmer Leisel Jones

Athletes have knocked knees too…

There are also world class athletes who have knocked knees. Take champion gymnast Rebecca Bross (the girl on the left). Rebecca Bross has knocked knees and was widely criticized for her “feet being apart” on her landings by many mean spirited sports writers and cruel internet posters.

If you look at the podium however, you will notice that of the worlds top three gymnasts only one has “normal” legs and the other two are bow-legged and knock kneed respectively. Think about that, if it can’t stop these amazing gymnasts from performing at the highest levels of the sport what should it stop you from?

It is not just gymnasts either, champion Olympic swimmer, Leisel Jones, famously stated that her knocked knees made her a champion! She had an advantage in the water over the competition!

Everyone is different for a reason and sometimes things people would consider a disadvantage, actually create a unique advantage in life!

As long as you train correctly and keep your body strong there is nothing you cannot do. I heard a story about a little girl whose mother was devastated that the local elite ballet academy would not accept her knock kneed daughter.

“Knocked kneed ballerinas don’t exist, it is too stressful on the knees” she was told. This mother went all over town until she could find somewhere to train her daughter regardless of her Genu Valgum.

She eventually went on and earned herself a scholarship to a prestigious ballet academy through sheer work and determination. Anything is possible the only limitation you have is your self.


  1. Oghene tega says:

    All these people to me have almost straight legs. it’s had to feel comfortable when yours is as bad as mine which is very crooked. I’m always so conscious of myself and can’t freely explore fashion trends as I would love to……and it hurts when guys seem to like you before they see your legs, but seem different after they do

  2. Alexa says:

    A way to tell if you have knock knees is to try and put your feet together. If you knees prevent you from placing your feet together(meaning that the knees rub against one another before the feet touch) you have knock knees. Most of these women don’t have knock knees! It’s very frustrating to see you post pics of women who actually don’t have knock knees. -_-

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